easy tips to apply mascara

Easy And Gentle Tips To Apply Mascara…

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Beautiful eyelashes can enhance any eye shape and color- no matter how attractive they may already be. Hence to make your eyelashes looks more beautiful we are here going to provide some easy tips for applying mascara.

It is true mascara is one of the most important makeup product to enhance your look. But to apply mascara is not something everyone can do, so it’s important to really know what you are doing! No fear, when we are here to help you out.

1) Apply in the right direction

Make sure to apply mascara in right direction .i.e., bottom to top. It is recommended to start applying mascara to your bottom lashes first. Once, you done, apply mascara to the upper one, and always start from the inside corner. Hence, this is one of the easy and effective tips for applying mascara.

2) Evenly apply

While applying mascara make sure that each and every lash has been given full and voluminous coverage.So, start out with vertical strokes and then flip it to horizontal for evenly application of mascara.

3) Place a mirror

Don’t be too confident and think you can do it easily without even the help of a mirror!Hence, always apply mascara in front of mirror ro check out your handiwork, especially when doing your top lashes.

4) Tilted application

Do not lift the brush straight up in a line, it is suggested to approach with a lean that helps to create a beautiful curl toward your eyelid.Surely, by applying this you achieve a much more open, winged and smokey eye effect that looks great.

5) Conditioner

There are ample of products out there that are made especially to strentgthen your eye lashes. Just a single stroke in a day before applying mascara is really good and helps to make your lashes silky and healthy.

6) Wipe off excess of mascara

Always wipe off execess of mascara on tissue paper to avoid clumpsy lahes.

7) Liquid concealer

Before applying mascara, coat your eyelashes with liquid concealer to add noticeable volume to your lahses.