Dos of marriage day for groom

Important Wedding Day Dos For Every Groom…

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To look picture perfect on your big day is not only a dream of any bride. But a groom often wants to look perfect on his wedding day. Being a groom, you feel excited about the future and a bit nervous too. When you get married, you get someone to rely on, for the rest of your life. Generally, on such a milestone event everyone wants to look up to the mark but is that as easy?

Not really! while brides need an army of professionals to look ultra gorgeous on her wedding day, grooms often have to figure it out by themselves. Therefore to just make them feel as important as the brides, we are here to help all the grooms out there with our checklist which is specially designed for the grooms so they don’t miss on anything while walking down the aisle in perfect look.

Hence, go through the list of Do’s for groom-to-be to look perfect and debonair on your big day.

1) Wake up early in the morning

It’s your day and the as early as it starts, the better it would be. Being a groom, you have a lot of responsibilities. So, wake up early and plan everything to avoid any last minute rush. Also waking up early offer the chance to breathe in fresh air which helps you to feel rejuvenated, happy and makes you energetic throughout the day.

2) Meditation

Meditation is one of the best form of exercising to keep you cool and calm. And as it is the hectic day and you hardly get a chance to get a quick nap in between. so, it is good for you to meditate yourself for 15 to 20 minutes.Meditation leads to make you feel relax and calm and stop being nervous.

3) Do remember to smile

Unlike bride you don’t have any kind of accessory to wear to add charm in you. Hence don’t forget to wear a big smile on your face as you’re never completely dressed without a smile. So keep a smile on your face, and make everyone go awe with your simple and sweet gesture.

4) Get a trim or massage

A gentleman look for your big day is what make you a perfect groom. After getting trimmed, you not only look presentable on your wedding day but also complement your bride in the best way while walking down the aisle.

5) Take breaks

Wedding days become so full of activity and rituals that it gives you stress and tired look. So, don’t forget to take a break as it’s your wedding day and it should be an enjoyable experience for you. Don’t forget fairytale weddings are great but what really matters is the commitment you’re going to make with your bride.

6) Have proper meal

Don’t forget to have a proper and balanced diet after small interval. As not eating anything results in bloating stomach and gastric problems.Also try to avoid fried and spicy food as you have to sit throughout the night.

7) Check your wedding outfit

This is a must to do task before getting ready. As your wedding outfit is not a regular wear and has so many elements. So keep all the stuff like pagdi, kalgi, duppata in one place as missing one of them will give you an incomplete look. Therefore, make sure it is proper fitted and can be easily found at one place.