Foods to avoid

Foods Every Bride Need To Avoid A Week Prior Her Wedding Day…

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Every girl has a dream to look super sexy when she dons her bridal avatar. And to achieve this super sexy and glamorous look, she works for hours on her body through day and night. But a week before the main wedding day is the time when things started neglected and hence your beauty and diet regime suffer too. And that negligence leads too put on an extra inch to your belly.

Hence to narrow down your focus on what to eat and what not to before a week prior to your wedding day, We prepare a diet checklist for all the beautiful brides-to-be out there who are super excited to embark upon this journey.

Caffeine contains products

It is really a tough task to replace or keep yourself away from your regular cup of coffee and tea but what if you know that those products have high caffeine content and will result with a bloating stomach. The excess of caffeine content stimulates the acids in the stomach which further causes the belly to bloat. So, it’s good to cut down the caffeinating prior one week of your big day.

Spicy food

Who doesn’t like a spicy food in their plate? But it is recommended for a bride to avoid spicy food from her list as it can cause uneasiness to your stomach and who really wants that tough situation in between the wedding ceremonies.

Soft drinks

All sorts of carbonated drinks be it cold drink, soda or other diet cokes can stimulate bloating in the stomach. And it happens because the carbon dioxide gas present in the drink cause your belly to bloat and also add an extra calorie. Hence, it’s good for you to avoid these fizzy drinks and replace them with other healthier options like buttermilk or nimbu pani.

Chewing gums

Though it is advisable for someone who wants to lose face fat but munching on continuous gum is not at all preferable for a bride to be prior a week as it cause you sorts of bloating and gastric problems. This is because whenever you open your mouth to chew gums, you are only swallowing air and inflating your belly.

Fried and junk foods

Those mouthwatering french fries, samosas, and bread pakodas are indeed savory but don’t you aware about the amount of oil they soak when deep-fried? Therefore, it is good to avoid them as it also causes indigestion and increases the acidity level in your stomach.