pre-wedding tradition of Assamese

Pre-Wedding Traditions Of Assamese

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India, with its diverse nature, is one of the most colorful countries in the world. Every festival, occasion or ceremony is celebrated here with full pomp and enthusiasm. Along with its diversity, India is also famous for its wedding traditions and customs. Different cultures have different wedding rituals, but one thing that bounds them all is that all the wedding traditions are equally beautiful.

Weddings in Assam are simple and rooted. Their wedding rituals are one of a kind. Therefore, here are some of the splendid pre-wedding rituals of Assamese wedding which will encourage you to be a part of one right now.

Pre-wedding rituals of Assamese weddings

Juroon Diya

Juroon diya is the first and foremost ritual of Assamese wedding which is also known as “Shagun Dena”.In most parts of Northern states of India, the juroon usually takes place a day or two days before the wedding day. On this day, the bride’s mother ties strings of mango leaves on every door to absorb negative energy and keeping the house pious and peaceful for further wedding ceremonies and is called as Aaam dali gatha.

During the juroon ceremony, the groom’s mother visits the bride’s house with a number of female relatives while singing weddings songs called biya naam to perform traditional rituals. She is warmly greeted by the mother of the bride, holding a bell metal utensils called xorai in her hand. Just like bridal showers, the mother of the groom gives the bride the wedding attire, trousseau, makeup, and jewellery. Everything that is given to the bride is first touched by the groom.

Tel diya

Tel diya is also the part of juroon ceremony. Where the mother-in-law puts a betel nut on the bride’s head and pours oil thrice on it. Afterward, she applies vermillion on her head. She also gives items like coconut, fishes, sweets and two earthen pots, which the bride accepts by touching them. She then seeks blessings from the elders of the groom’s family. The most unique part of this ceremony is when the mother of the groom gifts something special to the mother of the bride to show gratitude towards her for bringing up a beautiful daughter.

Uluta juroon

This ceremony is performed by the in-laws of the groom at his place. Here the bride’s side brings gifts that were given to the bride during juroon ceremony, except the things like wedding attire, jewellery, and makeup. Remaining things that the bride received from her mother-in-law are equally divided amongst the bride and groom to establish an equal bond between two families.

Pani tula

This ritual is performed in both the respective houses of bride and groom.relatives visit a nearby pond or well to collect water for the ceremonial bath of the couple. While performing this ritual, mother of the groom and the bride carries a lighted lamp over a heap of rice, a pair of betel nuts and leaves, a coin and a knife. Before this bath, the groom and the bride are given the coins, which are to be kept safely by them and the knife is tied to the scarf, which they have to carry with them until the wedding gets over.

These are some significant pre-wedding rituals of assamese weddings that are unique and spectacular in comparison to pre wedding rituals solemnized in other states.