Fishing the ring

Fishing The Ring Game Is A Fun Filled Post Wedding Ritual

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Indian weddings are an occasion full of fun, joy, bringing happy times together for the family, close relatives and friends. Not only pre-weddings ceremony but the post wedding ceremony also offers the same fun- filled moments with your loved ones.These post-wedding ceremonies are basically for the new bride which offers her the chance to ice breaking between her and her new family. These wedding ceremonies serve an essential social purpose to make the bonding strong between the newly wed couple.

 One such awesome and fun-filled post wedding activity is “find the ring” or “Fishing the ring”. Hindus follow their wedding rituals with full of enthusiasm and fun. This post wedding ritual is common in every Hindu family whether they belong from Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and in Delhi the heart of the country.This wedding ritual is performed by everywhere.
After the “Grah Pravesh” of the new bride, this fun filled ritual is performed by the bride and bridegroom. In this ritual, a ring will be hidden deep inside a thaal or bowl filled with milk, water, Kangnas, flowers, vermilion, and other objects are placed in front of the bride and groom. This thaal is placed by the sister in law of the bride and the couple is asked to find the ring from the thaal.
Both the bride and groom are meant to put their hands into the bowl or thaal together and search for the rings by using one hand only. It is the best of seven series, and the one, whosoever finds the ring four times is announced as the winner of the game. At times audience also starts prompting cheer whosoever they wish to favor.
This game is not just fun to play, it is even fun to watch and also has a sweet significance behind this funny ritual. According to elders, it is believed whoever finds the rings first will have the upper hand in the marriage for life. While if the rings were found by both at the same time, it is believed that there will be a sense of balance,
understanding, companionship, and decision-making capability will always be there in between the relationship of husband and wife as a couple.
There are many other culture specific post wedding games are also played in different parts of the country. But we will tell you one by one.