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Bhaat Ceremony A Pre-Wedding Ritual In Indian Weddings

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Indian weddings are an elaborated wedding ceremony procedure where almost every tradition and rituals are followed with the same enthusiasm. Of the several pre-wedding ceremonies in India, a major significant ritual is the Bhaat ceremony in which respective maternal uncle of bride and groom gives gifts and blessings. Indian weddings are much more than that the lighting, decorations, entertainment, fun, Mehandi, Haldi. It is also the time to know the bond and essence of relationships in form of friends and relatives.

Bhaat ceremony

One such significant pre-wedding ritual is Bhaat ceremony. The ceremony of Bhaat takes place at both the houses; groom’s home and bride’s home. Bhaat, performed by the maternal uncle or Mama ji of the bride and groom is taken place at the wedding day or few days before the wedding ceremony. In this ritual, Mama ji comes home with lavish gifts items along with family members.

Few weeks prior to marriage, mothers of both, the bride and the groom go to their respective brother’s home accompanied by close relatives to invite him to attend the Shubh Vivah. She offers her brother the cooked rice, and Lentils or jaggery. Relatives sing mangal geets and dance. It is known as the Bhaat Nyotna and commonly a part of north Indian wedding rituals and traditions.

On the wedding day, Maternal uncle along with his family members arrived with gifts items, clothes, and jewelry etc and is welcomed home with great preparation and enthusiasm. Dhols or Bandwalas are organized for their grand welcome at respective homes. The brothers of the bride’s and groom’s mother are asked to stop outside the entrance of the main door on a pedestal (patta) as the ritual starts from there. Females sing mangal Bhaat songs on their arrival and sister applies tilak on her brother’s forehead and his family members one by one and offers sweetened water and sweets and coconut at the door and brother gives Chunri to his sister which is kept with herself for the lifelong with care.

The Mama Ji of the bride and groom at respective homes offers a series of gift items, jewellery (it could be chain or ring for the groom or neckpiece, ring or earrings, anklets for the bride), clothes, cash and useful things to the bride and the bridegroom and bestow blessings and good wishes for a happy married life. Then gifts are given to other close family members (bua ji, fufaji, jiju etc) by mama ji.

It is said that maternal uncle from the respective houses (bride and groom house) tries to share the expense of his loving sister in the wedding in any manner he can up to his will and status as weddings are an extravagant affair and full of heavy expenses. It is not Bhaat actually but the love, affection, and responsibility of a brother for his sister.