Questions A Bride Should Ask Before Hiring A Makeup Artist...

Questions A Bride Should Ask Before Hiring A Makeup Artist…

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Looking flawlessly beautiful on the wedding day is quintessential for a bride and it can only be possible by hiring a professional makeup artist who has years of experience in wedding makeup. Though you might have found a skillful makeup artist or in search of the one who will help you to get a perfect bridal look, ask these questions provided in the article to make sure you hire the best makeup artist.

• What is the package?

Before you decide to hire a makeup artist, it will be best to know if it is a pocket-friendly option. Check your budget beforehand else you will end up digging a big hole in your pocket.

• Do you have expertise in wedding makeup?

Ensure if your makeup artist has specialisation in wedding makeup. Is he/she is capable of providing you natural and adorable look to look best in all your wedding photos.

• Which brands do you use for make-up?

It is must to communicate on the brands a makeup artist prefers as you can be allergic to certain brands. Ask for the products they use, do they have any side effects like red rashes, skin irritation, formation of acne etc.

• Can i see your portfolio?

Now that you know your budget allows you to look further, ask for the portfolio to have an insight of their past work. Whether it’s an album or their instagram profile, it will help you to know their skills.

• Can i get some client’s information?

Talking directly with their previous clients will help you know your makeup artists better. References will help you to know their behavior, are they punctual, how they blend with other people, the attitude they posses, and how they felt working with them.

• What the package Includes?

Ask how many sittings they offer as per package, what services they provide, or do you need to pay for pre bridal and so on.

• Do you work on site or i need to come?

While many beauty professionals agree to work on location, there are few others who have different policy. To avoid last minute disappointments, Ask whether they are comfortable to help you don the bridal avatar at the location.

• When you opt for trial?

Every beauty professional runs a trial. Two months prior to wedding in ideal time to have makeup trial to know whether you are happy with the look. Do they charge extra if you ask for an another trial in case you are not satisfied.

• What if you fall sick on the wedding day?

To be brides, it is an important question that you must pop up to your make up artist. Investigate whether they have an any backup plan if an emergency arises. Do they have another skillful artist who will assist you on wedding day. Set a meeting with them to make sure you love their work.

So, all the soon-to-brides, have an open communication with your make up artist to ensure they will help you to steal the wedding show by killer makeup looks