Ideas to select a perfect wedding card

Impress your Guests With Unique Wedding Invitation Cards

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As soon as you got engaged, Choosing the perfect wedding outfit that will make you look stunning and adorable is the next step you follow. But Have you ever thought that your wedding invitation also needs your significant time and undivided attention? Choose the best one as it helps you to convey the theme and tone of the wedding day to your guests. Moreover, the ideal wedding card blesses you with an opportunity to impress your guests and make them go aww.

If you are stressed out, and about to get a panic attack thinking whether your wedding card will be able to leave a long-lasting impression on guests’ mind, worry not. Consider the article and give a thought to all the below-listed details that are essential to follow while selecting a perfect wedding invitation in order to get a maximum appraisal.

• Decide the Budget

It is the first and foremost step that needs to be considered before you move further. No one will appreciate you for spending hard earned money on expensive wedding invitation cards. So, spend wisely. Decide how much money can you afford to invest in your wedding invites and let your supplier know. Don’t fall for any card that your pocket doesn’t allow.

• Pick the right theme

Think what kind of wedding you want with your would-be. If you want to take seven sacred vows in the garden area, go for seeded paper. In case you wish to have a big fat wedding full of glamour, opt for glitters. Having a clear idea about a specific theme will make the process of selecting a wedding invitation smooth.

• Choose the right colour

The wedding invitation must reflect the colours for your big day as it helps in setting the mood of the guests for the upcoming celebration. Stick to the chosen colours throughout your wedding day as it will make your biggest day speak aloud. Include that specific colour in your wedding decors or in Jaimala (floral garland).

• Wording

It is obvious that your wedding card has a purpose. Needless to mention, the information printed on the wedding invitation is the reason because of which you are splurging a decided amount. Make sure the text is legible. Avoid yellow and pastel colours as they are difficult to read. Avoid using the dark ink on dark backgrounds and light ink on light background otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

• What to include

Know that you have decided the ink to incorporate the text (information), it is crucial to note what needs to mention in your wedding invitation. Don’t forget to include Date, time, venue of the wedding and name of the bride and groom. It is also advised to include a contact number so that guests’ can call you in case of any doubt.

• Skip over-crowding

It is one of the crucial points on which a couple doesn’t pay much heed. Refrain yourself from providing unnecessary information. Don’t let your card lose its uniqueness and charm because of your mistake. Enclose separate cards to provide information/details about post-wedding rituals and directions to reach the wedding venue conveniently.

• Get a sample

Don’t want to curse yourself later? Play safe. Ask for the sample from your vendor before placing a complete order Read the card 2-3 times. Check whether you have mentioned everything. Take help from your grammar nazi friend to rectify all the spelling/grammar errors before getting it delivered.