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Tips For Indian Bride For A Memorable Solo Dance Performance…

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Obviously, the bride’s solo dance performance is the most awaited moment for the respective groom at the sangeet ceremony which he eagerly awaits, holding his breath. Understanding your concern that you want to make your groom go crazy over you for giving a fantabulous performance, we at mangal parinay, suggesting you some ways/tips that will help you to make your would-be partner say aww.

• The right selection of songs

Since you don’t want your guests to yawn seeing you performing on stage, choose the songs wisely. Preferably, the medley of 4-5 songs is always a hit instead of a single track that can turn the room into boredom.

Blend retro hits with latest tracks to prepare a song list.

• Time limit

Always remember while a short performance can leave everyone in despair, a stretched performance can disappoint everyone to the core. So, make sure your solo bridal performance is evenly timed to gain you applause.

• Dance steps

It’s more important to enjoy your dance performance rather than reminding your mind what’s the next move. Go for the simple and graceful steps as it’s not a dance reality show where you will be rewarded with a medal but it’s your sangeet night where you will be showered with uncountable blessings.

• Add twirls

Instead of adding complex steps, add twirls in your performance as it will not only help you to give your performance with ease but also provide an opportunity for your photographer to capture some praiseworthy shots.

• Wedding trousseau

Though you have undergone endless night practice sessions wearing
Pajamas in which you can perform each and every step with perfection, don’t forget the trousseau of the day. You should feel comfortable in your attire while dancing on stage otherwise all your efforts will turn futile.

Consider the lehenga without the heavy layers of can-can as it can affect your pace, ada, and moves.

• Take help of Bridesmaid

To make your sangeet solo performance a notable one, ask your bridesmaid to perform with you. Where many brides play with background lighting effects to add more charm to their performance, you can add the special effect by letting your friends and family tell your story.

• Shake legs with your groom

Make sure to arrange your solo dance performance in a manner that he doesn’t end up waiting backstage to come on stage for his performance. Remember, it’s important to share some shy smile and eye locks with your groom while grooving on stage. After all, you have done all this only for him. Isn’t it right?

Believe it, these profound tips will help all the brides to dedicate a memorable dance performance for their respective groom. So, don’t waste time! Wear dance shoes and gear up to set the stage on fire and stun everyone by showing the badass attitude of a shy bride.