ways to host bday party of your MIL

Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Style To Your MIL…

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Winning your in-laws’ heart is not easy as it seems but not impossible either. Though you are a traditional bride who nodes in favour on everything that your mother-in-law says and asks you to do yet sometimes, pleasing your mother-in-law gives you shivers in a spine and severe headache. Freak not, delicious food is an exceptional way that will help you to form a closer bond with your affectionate mother-in-law.

If you are having your mother-in-law’s birthday in a month, it is essential to throw a party at home as it will surely melt her heart. Don’t fret about how to plan and execute everything as the below-mentioned guidelines will help you to ace a fun-filled gathering. Read the article to know how to host a memorable birthday party for your loving mother-in-law.

• Prepare a guest list

Preparing guest list in advance will make a birthday party much easier to pull off. Send out invites to all your relatives. Moreover. Surprise your mother-in-law by inviting her close friends. Ask everyone in advance who can make up to the party. Leave a text message to invitees on the day of the party so that no one gives it a miss.

• Don’t try any New recipe

However, you want your mother-in-law’s birthday an unforgettable one, but don’t commit a mistake by trying a recipe you haven’t cooked before. Remember, experimenting your culinary skills at the birthday party is not a good idea. Stick to the tried and tested menu to get compliments.

• Healthy snacks and beverages

It is obvious that no one will gulp down the food right after entering the birthday party. Discuss your partner what you can add in. Mango shakes flavoured, soups, french fries, steamed veggie, and flavoured drink should top the list.

• Decide the Food Menu

Inquire your partner about the favourite dishes that she loves to devour and the dietary restrictions if any. It is also necessary to mention that ask your guest whether they are allergic to something so that you can avoid it. Plan a menu accordingly and decide how many dishes you want to serve. Make a list of the ingredients and shop at least two days before. Believe it, Your mother-in-law will cherish it that you are concerned about the guests.

• Neat and Tidy house

Already started your preparation? That’s great. With all the other prepping, don’t forget to organize and clean your house. Change the bedsheets and pillowcases, replace the sofa covers and curtains with the new one. Declutter anything that occupying space and not looking alluring. Decorate the place with scented candles, beautiful flowers, fairy lights, balloons and other decorative items.

• Lively music beats

Undeniably, Music is the soul of every occasion. From wedding ceremony to Naamkaran ceremony, each and every celebration demands good music to have some fun. Also, a birthday party without energetic beats would look boring and dull. Decide a superb playlist with the help of your spouse and friends. You can add old songs if your mother-in-law loves to dance on old tracks.

• Entertaining Games

Who says you can play games when you cross the age of 50? Include some fun-filled games keeping the choice of your mother-in-law and guests in mind List the games that liven up everyone’s mood without bringing stress to them.

Last but not the least, make sure to give a lovely present to your mother-in-law.