ways to give th best weding speech

Ideas To Give Wedding Speech At Your Best Friend Wedding…

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Did your best friend just asked you to deliver a wedding speech as a wedding gift or are you thinking to give some immaterialistic thing like wedding speech to make the wedding celebration more memorable for her? Whatever the case, it’s natural to feel nervous to stand in front of the wedding crowd and express what that person means to you and what you wish for her in future.

Team of Mangal parinay have got your back to ensure you fire the stage. So, before you begin to write your speech and decide to rehearse it 100 times facing the mirror, go through the article to know important advice that will make your speech effective and heart touching. Make sure your bestie has tissue paper in her hand as she is going to cry her heart out listening to you.

Ways to give the best wedding speech:

• Introduce yourself first

Not everyone in the crowd knows you. So, start your wedding speech by introducing yourself to the guests. Tell your relationship with the bride and how you met her. It will help everyone to connect with your emotions.

• Reflect the positive side of your friend

The room is full of many relatives and well-wishers that don’t even know the bride. Make sure, your wedding speech is compiled in a way that showcases the best traits of the bride (your bestie).

• Shift your focus to bride and groom

People will surely gonna lose interest if you keep blabbering about yourself. Instantly, shift your focus to the wedding stars- The bride and the groom. Share what made you believe that he is the perfect match for her.

• Wish Good things for their future

Moving next, address the married couple directly and wish them good health, happiness, wealth, peace, compassion and a great future ahead.

• Keep rehearsing

Though we appreciate the idea of being natural and say what comes straight from your heart but it will be great if you write your speech in advance to stick with what and how much you need to speak.

• Make bits and pieces of speech

To ensure your wedding speech get undivided attention of bride and everyone present there, make the bits and pieces of the speech as it would help you to be on track.

• Be confident and smile

Don’t get nervous as it is not an exam that will decide your future. Keep yourself calm, have a contagious smile and make eye contact.

• Keep the wedding speech short

To make your guest involved emotionally, keep it short and sweet. A 4-5 minutes speech is more than enough so that the audience doesn’t get bored.

• Express gratitude

End your speech by showing gratitude to the people for listening to you. Ask them to enjoy the wedding and thank them to show their gracious presence.