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Emotions Every Woman Goes Through When Her Brother Gets Married…

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For every girl, her elder brother is always a forever friend, a mentor, a guide, a partner in crime, a shoulder to cry on, a personal bodyguard and a father figure. No matter how much you fight with your brother, he is the first person who comes to your mind whenever you need to lash out your frustrations and insecurities and want something.

As your elder brother is getting married and ready to unfold a new chapter in his life, you might be experiencing different emotions as the wedding day comes closer. However, you are happy and excited for the marriage, at the same time you would be feeling nostalgic how early you both grew up.

We are enlisting a few things which a sister goes through whenever her brother is ready to tie nuptial knots. Have a look on the article and do comment whether you relate to all these feelings and things, or not.

• Looking at all the wedding preparations

Don’t you feel like a wedding planner when you elder brother heads to you for pieces of advice like what should he wear on the wedding day, how to make a memorable and grand entry? Gear yourself up and plan in advance so that you can give the best advice when your brother asks.

• What to wear

In the world of fashion, it’s not an easy task to choose the best outfit from the variety of options you get on Pinterest and branded stores. Being ‘the dulhe ki Behan’, all eyes are on you. So, go for the outfit that makes you look beautiful. Decide from where you are going to purchase that gorgeous outfit.

• How to look beautiful

You find yourself standing in front of the mirror to try new hairstyles and eyes makeup that will help you to look best on the wedding day.

• What to ask in gift

Undeniably, this is something which you can never miss whether it’s Raksha Bandhan, Bhai dooj or your birthday. So, how can you skip a golden opportunity to rob your brother? Prepare a list in advance so that you can handover the list the moment he asks what you need to let them enter in-house after marriage.

• Accompanying your brother for shopping

To make sure your elder brother looks debonair on the wedding day, you will search plenty of dress options for him as he will definitely ask you for accompanying him to buy the perfect wedding outfit.

• The task of selecting the playlist

Finalising the playlist for all the wedding events without your confirmation is a big no-no. Mention all the groovy songs in the playlist so that everyone can have the best sangeet night.

• Give a thoughtful gift

Elder brother’s wedding is a perfect moment to give him something as unforgettable as a gift. Prepare a dance performance with the help of a good choreographer or friends or walk to the stage to deliver a senti speech on the bond you share since childhood.

• Disturbing your brother whenever you find him on phone

How can a sister leaves a chance to irritate her brother that too when he is about to get married soon. Take sweet revenge of all the times whenever he used to call you moti. Keep irritating him whenever you find him gluing to phone to chat with your bhabhi.

• Share your wisdom

His wedding is a high time when he is going to appreciate your wisdom teeth. Prepare your ears to listen to the good things about you by your brother once in a lifetime. Share the significant tips about how to keep a girl happy and see him sail through the marriage peacefully and happily.

• How to welcome bhabhi

It would be a tough task but a necessary one. Be creative and look out for the out of the box ways to welcome your new friend at home. It will be nice if you get to know about her likes in advance.

• Hiding brother’s shoes

No matter how hard the girl’s side try to steal the groom’s shoes, plot a full proof plan to hide them. “Ladke wale hain, planning karke Aaye hain..” would be your answer when the bride’s cousin get tired stealing the shoes and ask for a clue.

• You are next one to get married

This is the line that you should use to hear from the day your brother finds a suitable partner. There will be many aunties that will make you feel shy and irritated everytime they say- “ab tumhara number hai..”