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5 Things Couples Should Do In First Year Of Marriage

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The first year of a wedding is a special year for every couple. Honeymoon, movies, night outs, candlelight dinner, photo sessions, lunch with friends and relatives, making memories and enjoying the companies of each other, everything is incredibly special. The feeling of love and care, the blushing smile, the eye-contacts, the unforgettable time you two spend and a life’s new journey makes you feel mesmerized. As a newly married couple, you both just want to spend some quality time together in the new phase of life which is full of responsibilities. So this article is for the couples who are going to marry soon or who already get hitched and going to get busy in facing the life’s new challenges forgetting to fill the essence of love in fulfilling the basic needs of life. They should definitely do these things to fulfill their  “just happily married life” with happiness, love, and care. As love is life, and if you miss love, you miss part of life somewhere.

Weekend Breakout- Though you recently had your honeymoon but exploring few more places on your weekend together is just awesome. Travelling with your spouse rejuvenates you and brings power and love back to your life as you two were busy in making money or carrying responsibilities before. So go for an impromptu trip as you can always make money but the memories can’t wait. So travel together and get lost in beautiful places with someone you love.

Help in Household chores– If both of you are working or don’t get much time to spend with your beloved partner then try to help her in household chores and you will be amazed to find how entertaining your cleanup process can be with your spouse. Tune up your music player with your favorite tracks and turn your cleaning process on. This would help to deepen your bonding and would be a great workout session for two of you together.

Surprise party and gifts– Gifting is a language of love. Gift giving is not only materialistic but it shows someone sentiments and helps to make your bond strong with your partner.Every Gift from your spouse is a wish for your happiness.Though the greatest gifts someone can give is their time, attention, love, care and concern but remember the gift is not an object, it’s the intention and love of the giver. So keep exchanging the gifts and make memories with your better half.

Express your love- Nothing could be more magical in this world as hearing the “I love U” from your spouse. Though we know there is an entire life for you to express your love and emotions but when it comes to the 1st year of your marriage, it would be the unforgettable year for the whole of your remaining life. Make it super special and memorable and keep expressing your emotions with each other as love is not a hidden emotion, it must be expressed.

Cooking together– Spending time with your partner helps to build your relation strong. The more time you spend with them, more you will understand about them whether it’s about the cooking, doing household chores, their likings, watching tv and gossiping. With every passing minute, you will definitely fall more in love with your spouse.

Each day is a gift. Open it, celebrate it, and enjoy it. Every coming year gives a new opportunity to make memories but when it comes about the opening year of your marriage there are many small yet wonderful  things you can do to make the very first year of your marriage memorable as its about two of you, it’s about the journey of both of you together as love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies.