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Things To Keep In Mind Before Planning Your Honeymoon

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Right after the months of planning a lavish wedding and hustle bustle of wedding rituals and traditions, a couple wishes to spend some quality time together without any interference of dear relatives, and cousins. Unquestionably, the honeymoon is more like a golden phase for lovebirds who have recently tied nuptial knots as it an embarkment of a stronger bond between the couple.

There is no denying to the fact that would-be couples start imagining their honeymoon period months before the wedding. It is also said that during this phase, much in love couple admire everything with rose-coloured glasses but there are some things that nobody will tell you about the glittering honeymoon. Browse through the article at Mangal Parinay, as I have tried to list down some information and key points associated with gleaming honeymoon.

• Decide the Budget

It is very important to decide the budget of the honeymoon as weddings in India are itself an expensive deal. Clear your head, fix a budget, discuss with your partner and then opt for the destination. Look for the destination that has so much to offer keeping the expenses comparatively minimal.

• Set the duration of honeymoon

It is extremely necessary that a couple decide the duration of honeymoon as you would have to take official leaves to escape to an exotic honeymoon destination. Consult your partner how long it would be convenient for them without any additional stress of work.

• Check the weather climate

How about you head to a destination where you have to spend a whole day in the honeymoon suite? Though you are eagerly waiting for the golden opportunity to bask in each other’s company but exploring the destination and creating memories is a must. It will be work in your favour if you have a fair idea about weather climate to have fun.

• Need time to get relaxed

If you are planning to fly the destination the next day of your wedding day, you are supposedly wrong to think that you both will get into a mood of enjoying. Weddings are tiresome and you both need a couple of days to relax and come out of the wedding fever. It is better to postpone the honeymoon for few weeks to charge yourself up to have the best time of your lives there.

• Limit your romantic fantasies

You are definitely wrong if you think what you see in the movies relates to the real world. However, honeymoon offers you a chance to connect with your spouse at a new and deep level, making love 24×7 is a myth. Yeah! It will provide you plenty of moments to share some intimate and cosy time but who wants to lock up in a hotel room after spending a big figure for a splendid location.

• Pack a first-aid kit

Who says you can’t fall sick on your honeymoon? Do you remember you undergo all the planning and feel uneasy when you have to go out on a specific date? a honeymoon is no exception. The exhaustion of wedding festivities can take a toll on honeymoon phase. Make sure to add medicines for a headache, fever, weakness, stomach pain and infection. Stay hydrated and eat and rest well before you soak in during the honeymoon period.

• You may overlook some details

Sometimes, you feel so excited for the honeymoon that you neglect some essential details that require to plan. Ensure everything before that you have booked hotels, cabs, restaurants in advance.