Ideas To Make Your Wedding Album Unique And Spectacular

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Album Unique And Spectacular

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The wedding is once in a lifetime moment unless you are a part of an Indian television serial. So, is special for the beautiful bride and handsome groom. The dhamkedaar entrance, the first eye glance with each other, the masti with siblings and best friends, each and every moment must be captured in the photographs so that when you cannot visualize the beautiful memories anymore, you can live them once again by looking at your wedding album.

Worth to mention, wedding albums offer married couples the opportunity to relive the mystique moments again by turning the pages. If you are a soon-to-be couple who are struggling to know how to make your wedding album unique and spectacular, I am here, at Mangal Parinay, to help you out with the dilemma. There are so many Indian wedding photography ideas that your professional photographer must capture in his digital camera to portray the real essence of your memorable wedding day.

• Haldi highlights

The indispensable ceremony of Indian wedding ceremony must be captured in the camera. Make sure your wedding album has photographs of haldi ceremony as joyful faces of bride and groom smeared with look classic. Have some funny haldi moments with your closed pals and relatives to envision later.

• Mehandi magic

Being a bride, you know it takes hours of patience and body ache to paint your hands with exquisite Mehandi designs. Let the mehandi celebration last forever by capturing the close up of Mehandi of both hands, feet separately and together. Don’t forget to include the full picture of you let the joy in eyes reveal it all.

• The shy bride/groom

The photographs of coy bride and the shy groom make the wedding album awe-inspiring to watch as these portray look classic and cute. The picture should be taken at any ceremony whether at Haldi, Mehandi, during or before the wedding. Let your guests embarrass you so that the photographs become candid and pinkish.

• Getting ready images

Who won’t agree that it takes enough time to get ready and be there on time after all the makeup, and hairstyling? It is an overwhelming time when most of the emotional moments take place between bride, her siblings, best friends, and parents. Let your wedding album give a sneak peek of what’s going on backstage when everyone else was busy enjoying the ceremony.

• The twirl/jewellery

The twirl of the lehenga and magnificent jewellery must get a place in wedding albums. The confident and shy bride with smiling face twirling the lehenga is the signature pose that should not be missed. Take some poses from the balcony so that the twirl of lehenga can be captured bewitchingly.

• The grand entrance

Knowing the truth that a soon-to-be married couple pay a lot of attention to make their entry out of the box and memorable, it must be captured in the camera beautifully. Prepare your poses in advance. As entry of would be couple together is in vogue these days, it is the only time when your guests see you together for the first time.

• Bride meets groom

Treasure the shy smiles and the gleam in the eyes in the wedding album as that moment is always special when bride and groom meet for the first on wedding day no matter how many times they have met before. Let the momentary pause in wedding photographs for forever.

• Mangal phere

It is not to be missed wedding scene. And without capturing mangal phere, your wedding album cannot be completed in a true sense. Take as many pictures as you can so that you can choose the best shots to include in your wedding album.

• Vermillion and Mangalsutra

It is one of the gracious moments of an Indian wedding ceremony after which the bride belongs to groom. Let your wedding photograph get ready to capture the essence of this classic pose in the best way possible. The groom should smear the vermillion in slow motion so that photograph turns out to be perfect. The ritual of mangalsutra also needs to be there in the wedding album.

• Photographs with significant people

Wedding album, without having photographs of precious gems of life has no significance. Just imagine and feel goosebumps while looking at these photographs with wrinkled eyes.

• A goodbye

The last page of your wedding album should be dedicated to the goodbye where you both are heading to the car. Be natural and let your photographer capture the true emotions and nostalgia.