Banarsi saree

Saree – A Six Yard Wonder

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Weddings are remarkable celebrations for the bride and bridegroom. Both want to look astonishing on their D- Day, especially the Bride to be. Every girl has some dreams for her wedding day, of her charming life partner, about her new family and the prominent one is her looks. She wants to look splendid on the day of her wedding and therefore she indulged herself in a lot of planning and does meticulous preparation for her Dreamy D day whether it’s her traditional wedding dress, jewelry, hairstyle or makeup.

Flipping through magazines, browses online, look around for suggestion, window shopping and check out the just married celebrity profile on Instagram and Facebook, she does every kind of research to look unique and glamorous. But what makes a girl look more beautiful? is it her makeup, hairstyle, gold ornaments? No, it’s A Six Yards Of Sterling unique and distinctive wonder (saree)with a smile on girl’s face is always the beautiful adornment for any woman.

A beautiful saree is always in fashion for a woman of any age group. Saree is the best traditional dress suitable for any auspicious occasion, wedding, and for any event. The fashion of saree is an art of personal self- expression, it gives you classy and sensuous look. In India, wearing saree for any occasion is a matter of good manners. The fashion of saree is evergreen when it comes to Banarsi saree. Irrespective of religion, caste, every Indian woman likes to carry Banarasi saree. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Uttarakhand to Andhra Pradesh, every married woman wants to flaunt herself in Banarasi saree. Indian culture and Indians has a special love for draping Banarasi saree.

Banarsi Saree

Banarsi saree is the finest sarees in India. These sarees are made if wovens silk and have intricate designs on them. These sarees are often part of an Indian Bride’s wardrobe.Banarsi saree makes a woman look elegant and classy. Banarasi silk sarees are the 1st preference of many of Bollywood actresses on their wedding day. From Veteran actress Rekha to Young actress Shruti Hassan express their love for Banarasi sarees. Even the worlds’ most beautiful woman or former Miss world Aishwarya Rai wore the Banarasi saree on her D-Day.Vidya Balan also said,” I could live in a saree, I was born to wear a saree”. Many actresses have popularized the saree as a style statement.Saree is the sexiest attire for a woman and it shows the right amount and hides the right amount it looks elegant sexy look.

Even the 14th prime minister of India, Narendra Modi ji also endorses for Banarsi saree and said“Every mother has a dream to gift at least one Banarasi saree to her daughter in marriage and about 20 crore marriages take place in the country every year,” after laying the foundation stone of a trade facilitation centre and crafts museum for weavers. So Banarasi saree which is simple yet elegant enhance your beauty on your wedding day as fashion is something that comes from within you.

Shopping for a bridal saree is the most exciting thing from a bride’s perspective and her family. Red, pink, yellow, orange, green with golden border Pallu are the foremost color choice of an Indian Bride to be. Bridal sarees have gained fame all over in world for their beauty, appeal and cultural connects. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and make Banarasi silk sarees your favorite for your own wedding attire. You can also opt for lehenga saree for your D-Day as saree is the garment which comes with never ending fashion statement. Sarees in India never goes out of style.