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Must Things To Do Before Putting On Your Bridal Lehenga

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Indian weddings are a compendium of all the traditions and rituals, where, the wedding day is considered as the most important day in bride’s life. Each bride is supposed to be a celebrity star to be remembered by guests for years to come. The decking up of wedding outfit or bridal lehenga is a dream come true since every little girl dreamt herself once in a wedding dress.

Once you wear your bridal lehenga or wedding gown on your wedding day, your transformation into a beautiful bride is almost complete. Wait, there are few things left to do before you walk down the aisle to step into your dream wedding lehenga. Hence, today in this article we are are going to share few things to do before finally putting your wedding dress up.

Hence consider these points for your day-of wedding dress checklist.

Have”pet puja” first

Once you put on your wedding attire, you’ll need to be a bit more conscious when it comes to eating and drinking. Therefore, we recommend you have your pre-wedding meals and snacks before you get dressed to avoid any food staining. As you definitely don’t want your dream lehenga to get dirty or stained.

Pay a visit to the washroom

Going washroom after wearing a heavy attire is quite hectic for a bride to relieve herself. Hence, to avoid an emergency situation once you are in layers of tulle! whether you feel to go or not, never forget to make a visit to the washroom before putting your wedding dress.

Mouth freshener

Since you’re probably going to talk with so many people on your wedding day or you have to stay close to your partner for a long period of time. Hence, it’s a good idea to do a thorough brushing, flossing, mouth washing before you proceed with your nuptials. It is advisable to have some mouth freshener to avoid bad breath.

Relax yourself

As you have to sit for the whole night in the same posture or you feel a bit like marathon between all the walking, posing, and dancing in your wedding. Hence, do some yoga, stretch your body or do some warmup to prevent your muscles from getting too sore. You may not have your full range of motion while in your wedding dress, so use this as a good opportunity to get those muscles moving!

Spray the Deo

As of spraying deo on your wedding dress results in staining. Hence before walking down the aisle remember to spray some deo or perfume on yourself.

Finish off any work that you have to do yourself

If there are any personal stuff which you have to carry it yourself. Then it is advisable for you to complete it before you change into your bridal attire. As your bridal lehenga is a detailed garment and walking in it and doing some stuff is quite impossible for you. Once you are dressed in your wedding lehenga, all that you should ideally be left to do is wait to get married.