Fasting when you are pregnant

Health Guide For Pregnant Women While Observing Fast…

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As it is the festival of Haryali Teej today where married women keep fast for the longevity, health, wellness, and prosperity of their respective husbands, there are certain points that pregnant women should take into consideration to ensure the good health of the developing child while she undergoes fast for her loving husband.

• Prepare your mind

Remember the purpose of fasting. The positive mindset can help you to spend the day with ease.

• Cut off the caffeine intake

People used to drink many cups of coffee or tea while observing fast but please avoid the too much consumption of caffeine as it may cause dehydration which can be problematic.

• Restrict eating sweets

You may be fond of feeding your stomach with sweets. However, having sweets when you fast in pregnancy must be neglected. Indulge into fruits instead.

• Say yes to healthy juices

Though we have told you to avoid having tea/coffee, it doesn’t mean you don’t take enough fluid required for your body to stay hydrated. Include coconut water, fresh fruit juice or buttermilk, milk etc.

• Eat at regular intervals

While there is a tradition of Nirjala vrat during Haryali Teej but a soon-to-be mother should not observe the strict fast. It is compulsory to eat and drink after regular intervals to make sure your baby gets enough nutrients to grow. Therefore, fruits, raw vegetables or nuts should be eaten.

• Have salt

Although you were in a habit of having vrat ka namak one-time, now you are going to give birth to a new life after some time. You must know that the health of your baby is directly dependent on what you eat. So, have enough salt when you fast for Teej.

• Don’t stress yourself

Sitting or standing for prolonged hours or celebrating the festival while dancing or singing during pregnancy can be strenuous. Take enough rest or a nap in the afternoon can be helpful to avoid unnecessary strain.

• Keep yourself engaged

It is important to keep yourself engrossed in pleasant activities like talk with your best friend, listening to songs or reading a good book as you fast.

• Ask your doctor

Last but not the least, it is a sincere request to all pregnant women to take permission with your doctor. Before you observe the fast, please ensure whether you are healthy enough or not. If there is any risk involved, don’t fast then.