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Decluttering Feng Shui Tips For Happy Married Life…

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Whatever you keep in your house releases energy. Whereas the clean and well-organized home fills us with positivity and high spirit, an untidy home drag us into negativity. Need to mention, clutter in any part of your home affects your love life. Many couples are not aware but the clutter they store in any corner of their house leaves a negative influence on their marital life.

So, in order to spice up the married life, read the article carefully and declutter the three important places of your house according to feng shui.

• Declutter in bedroom

The bedroom is the foremost place of the house which brings a couple close to each other.

If you have unusable and unnecessary items stored in your bedroom, free your bedroom space immediately as a messy bedroom result in sleeping disorder, lack of focus, tiredness, feeling low etc. In a cluttered space, a stack of negative energy flows which do not allow a couple to spend some intimate moments together.

According to feng shui, it is believed that if you are single, clutter restricts you to meet someone and make a new relationship.

Therefore, declutter your bedroom to get rid of negative energy and enjoy your love life.

• Declutter your relationship area

As per feng shui, Not only the bedroom but every house has a relationship area where the relationship of every couple grows.

Though many couples use the compass to find out the relationship area still you can easily trace the relationship area of the house. According to the ‘ba gua’ map, Southwest area is considered as the relationship area. Hurry up to clean that space to increase passion and romance.

• Declutter the main entrance

The third and last area of the house that can elevate your relationship is the main door. As we know that the opening of the mouth is important to feed the body with essential nutrients. Similarly, a tidy entrance is vital for the flow of positive energy that nourishes the relationship of a couple.

In case your main entrance is blocked and de-cluttered, make sure to clean it to foster a strong relationship with your spouse.

Hence, It is worth to know for a couple that clutter in the home affects their marriage. Therefore cleaning your home, especially, the areas mentioned in the article is of huge importance if you want to grow fond of each other and desire to maintain the strong bond.