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DIY Ways To Fill Your House With Pleasant Aroma…

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One of the most hectic tasks that a newlywed couple have is how to design their new home and how to make it smell good, refreshing and lovely. As you have already spent thousands of buck on buying the decors that will enhance the beauty of your house, you won’t giving it a thought to squander another thousand bucks on scented candles, room fresheners and other items that give a pleasant fragrance.

So, to assist all the couples to help them in the venture of how to make their house smell refreshing and sweet, we are providing some inexpensive DIY fragrances that are also less time consuming and prove to calm everyone who inhales the DIY aroma.

• Lemon and baking soda

Are guests coming by the evening? Don’t panic, Takeout lemons from the fridge, mix the extracted juice with baking soda and clean your house. It has another perk as well it will bless your house with some citrus smell.

• Lavender oil

Fill up your old diffuser bottle with some water and add a few drops of lavender oil or other essential oil. Turn the diffuser on and inhale the fresh smell throughout the house.

• Cinnamon

We all are aware of the soothing smell cinnamon consists of. Opt to boil some cinnamon to make your house smell sweet and nice. Let your guests question you how you did it and be ready to tap your back.

• Vanilla

Make your own Febreze by mixing a small stem of rosemary, lemon slices and, 1teaspoon of vanilla that helps your house to smell in a unique way.

• Rose flowers

Buy some rose flowers and put them in a bowl having water and admire the calming fragrance it melts in your house.

• Baby oil and bamboo

Save your few pennies by arranging a DIY jar and add few drops of baby oil, essential oil of your choice and place a bamboo skewer. Not only it will provide a sweet and pleasant smell but can be used as a wonderful decor.

• Sand and herbs

Take your creativity to a whole new level and get maximum compliments for this unconventional DIY fragrance. Pour some sand and herbs in a pot and fill up your home with natural aroma.

• Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is another natural deodorizer to make your home smell wonderful. Only a few stems of eucalyptus with help to eliminate bad odors from your house spreading a refreshing scent.

• Camphor and cloves

Take an earthen diya and pour two small pieces of camphor and add 4-5 cloves in it. Light it up. We promise you will not only inhale a soothing fragrance but end up filling up the whole ambiance with positivity.