Wrong face washing techniques

Wrong Face Cleansing Habits That Harming Your Skin

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Do you know the little secrets that should be kept in mind while washing your face to maintain the beauty of the skin? You may all answer yes but the truth is we all commit some common mistakes that end up doing more harm to our skin than good. Therefore, read the complete article at Mangal Parinay and promise yourself to take a break from these wrong face-cleansing habits to ensure you flaunt the best skin ever.

• Selection of the wrong cleanser

Picking up the right cleaner which is suitable for your skin works in your favor. No two person have the same skin in the house. So, it is better to go for the cleanser that is formulated for your skin. The wrong choice can affect the Ph-balance and cause dryness and flakiness.

For oily skin, go for a forming or gel-based cleanser while cream-based cleansers are the best pick for dry skin. Opt for a herbal cleanser if you have sensitive skin.

• Not following the right procedure

You just can’t slather cleanser and wash your face later. Instead of aggressively rubbing the cleanser on the face, massage gently in circular motions and in outward directions to increase the blood flow.

• Not rinsing the cleanser properly

The remaining traces of cleanser stuck around the nose, hairline, jawline, ears, eyes, and neck block pores and form acne or pimples.

• Not splashing water before applying face wash

Sometimes, people smear cleanser on the face directly in a hurry which strips off the natural oil away. Hence, make sure to moist your face before you opt to slather cleanser/face wash on the face. It will also help you to spread the cleanser gently.

• Washing face with dirty hands

Wouldn’t you agree that there is a huge percentage of people who do not wash their hands prior to washing their face? You must know that washing the face with filthy hands transmit the dirt and impurities to the face making all the effort pointless. Therefore, Cleaning your hands at first is a big yes.

• Using Hot or Coldwater

Using too hot or cold water on the skin breaks the blood capillaries making the veins visible. To prevent your skin from getting damaged, warm water should be used while washing the face.

• Washing your face more often

Many people form a habit of washing their face more often not knowing that it leads to dryness by robing the natural oils. Over washing the face stress the oil glands to produce more oil to compensate for the loss. Wash your face once or twice a day to remove dirt and grime accumulated on the face, not more than that.

• Over-exfoliation

Though exfoliation helps your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities, over-exfoliation or exfoliating your skin more than twice a week harms the inner layers of the skin stripping of the natural oils.

• Rubbing your face with a harsh towel

First of all, rubbing your face is a wrong practice that damages the texture of your skin. Secondly, using a harsh towel makes the problem worse. Therefore, pat your face with a clean soft towel for a gorgeous looking skin.

• Not opting for a clean towel everytime

The dirty and wet towel is a host of bacteria and germs that penetrate deep into the skin when we use them. Make an ideal choice by patting your face dry with a clean towel. If you’re unable to use a new towel every time, wash it after couples of days.

• Excessive use of facial wipes

The fast-paced up life may not give us enough time to follow an effective skin care routine but the harsh reality is it hampers our skin. The facial wipes are loaded with chemicals which may give you that clean feeling but there is no substitute for rinsing your face with water afterward. It only moves dirt and dust across the face. So, it’s no if you only rely on face wipes.

• Not applying moisturizer

The procedure of washing of the face doesn’t end up at drying it with a soft washcloth but one should apply a good quality moisturizer following the washing the face routine to seal the moisture.