Ways to do manicure at home

Ways To Do Manicure At Home Using Natural Kitchen Ingredients

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For all the brides, looking beautiful is the only way to ace the bridal avatar and walking down the aisle with prince charming. From taking care of eyes, lips, face, hands, feet, and skin, a bride has immense stress to deal with prior to her wedding day. As we know that while paying attention to every little detail of the wedding like shopping, packing, hiring vendors, it is impossible to make a visit to the parlor for every skin care regime. Therefore, in this article, we at mangal parinay are suggesting you the home ways by which you can take care of your nails and prevent them from breakage, dryness and other problems. Instead of spending a huge amount on cosmetic products that are obviously harmful, just bring out the handful of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboard and get ready for a home manicure session.

• Lemon water

To prevent discoloration of the nails, soak your nails in the mixture prepared from adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for near about 15 minutes.

• Petroleum jelly

Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly to let your nails shiny and moisturized after taking bath.

• Rosewater

Blessed with antibacterial and antifungal properties, rosewater is a great remedy to retain the pink color of your nails.

• Olive oil

Take warm olive oil in a bowl to dip your fingers for about 15 minutes. It is worthy to say that olive oil has moisturizing properties that help cuticles to remain hydrated. Follow the procedure until your big day arrives.

• Butter

Do you know massaging the nail cuticles with butter for few minutes helps your nail to grow? Just remember to wash your hands with warm water for effective results.

• Tooth brush

Remove all the dirt from your nails by brushing your nails with a toothbrush having soft bristles.

• Drink water

To achieve any beauty related target, start drinking enough water.

• Healthy eating habits

Deficiency of vitamin in the body can result into brittle nails. So, having a diet rich in vitamins goes a long way to get shiny and healthier nails.

• Protection from harmful chemicals

Protect your nails health by wearing gloves while cleaning your house, gardening your plants and doing other activities as the use of chemicals can weaken your nails.

• Organic nail paint

Protect the health of your nails by avoiding hazardous traditional nail paints. Go for water-based nail paints when you want to apply nail polish.