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Tips For Groom To Get Clean Shaven Look…

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Not only a bride but a groom also catches the maximum attention on the wedding day. Therefore, it is necessary for a man to look well groomed to compliment the beautiful bride.

We all know that nowadays beard look is very popular among Indian men since the well-maintained beard helps a man to get that hotter and debonair look but still there are men who want to opt for clean-shaven look for their wedding. Though you may think that shaving is an easy task to do but little knowledge about shaving technique can turn it into a painful experience for all the grooms. Remember, A slight cut or nick not only will make you feel restless on the wedding day but also spoil your sophisticated look. And who wants to go through the unnecessary stress on the momentous day of life?

Worry not! Follow the wisdom of pearls at mangal parinay to know how to get a smooth and comfortable shave and attain that dapper look.

• Start with washing your face

It is must to clean your face with face wash before you decide to shave as it will help to wipe out dust and oil from your face. Moreover, it hydrates your skin that minimize the chance of nicks, cut and irritation while shaving.

• Apply shaving cream

The next step is to apply a thick layer of shaving cream on your facial hair. For a smooth experience, you can mix few drops of oil with shaving cream.

• Form lather

Use gentle brush to form lather on your skin and let it rest on your skin for few minutes so that the cream get absorbed by the skin. Lather not only exfoliates skin but also helps razor to work smoothly.

• Go for light strokes

Never be in a hurry while you stand to shave. Don’t apply too much pressure on razor as it may cause irritation and you are more likely to get a cut.

• Go with the flow

One of the most important point that need to be considered while shaving is that use razor with the grain of your hair so that hair can pull off easily or you will tend to experience irritation and follicle damage.

• Rinse your razor

Instead of tapping your razor against sink, make it a habit to wash razor frequently while you shave. While tapping of razor damages the razor, washing it off adds life to it.

• Wash your face again

Splash cold water on your face to close the pores and pat dry.

• Apply moisturizer

Seal your clean shaven look by apply a layer of moisturizer to prevent your skin from getting dry.

• Don’t shave regularly

It is most crucial point to be remembered by every men out there. Shaving regularly make your skin rough and dry.