Health and beauty benefits of marigold

Surprising Health, Skin And Hair Benefits Of Calendula Officinalis Flower

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What we all do whenever a beautiful flower catches our attention? Obviously, we stop to admire its beauty. You will be amazed to know there are a variety of flowers which offer many health benefits. This is the reason, we at mangal parinay, have decided to tell you the health, skin and hair benefits of Calendula Officinalis flower.

Though ‘Calendula Officinalis’ word can make you google the term when you first read it, pause a minute. Have you heard of marigold flowers? Obviously, yes! Calendula is commonly known as marigold. The flower which provides many health, skin and hair benefits other than its significant use for culinary purposes. To know in great detail, read the complete article.

• To cure wounds

Calendula herb is a great remedy to cure wounds, sunburn, rashes, minor cuts, insect bites because of its rejuvenating properties.

• To heal dry skin

Opt to use calendula herb if you have dry and damaged skin. Due to its moisturizing nature, it makes your skin brighter, soft, young, radiant and glowing.

• To fight aging skin

Rely on calendula to boost up the production of collagen which prevents the skin from getting wrinkles and fine lines.

• To combat acne

The marigold infused face wash cleanses the clogged pores and kills the bacteria which cause acne breakouts.

• As a natural dye

Don’t want to use hair dyes that contain harmful chemicals? Switch to calendula tea to rinse your hair to get red or golden color.

• For hair growth

The oil extracted from marigold flower promotes speedy, strong and healthy hair growth. The application of calendula oil also treats dry and frizzy hair and makes them shiny.

• To vanish dandruff

The calendula herb helps to eliminate dandruff from the hair scalp due to its hydrating properties. Not only it treats dandruff but also helps to heal the scalp from damage caused by washing, brushing, and styling the hair.

• To get relief from menstrual cramp

The presence of flavonoids in calendula tea helps your muscles to relax providing instant relief in menstrual pain.

• To improve digestive system

No matter you are suffering from an upset stomach, ulcer and bladder infection, promise yourself to drink a cup of calendula tea to treat all the digestion related ailments.

• For mouth health

Gargle your mouth with calendula tea to maintain the health of the mouth.

• For healthy liver

For living a healthy life, liver should function well. The Consumption of calendula tea helps in proper bile secretion.