natural yet effective ways to cure genital problem

Natural Yet Effective Home Remedies To Cure Itching In Private Parts

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The genital area is a very sensitive part of the body and any problem in private part can make a person go restless in no time. Undoubtedly, irrespective of male and female, itching in private/genital parts is extremely embarrassing and annoying problem for everyone and every second person at some point of time have experienced itching at some point of time.

Itching in genital areas can be caused due to many reasons like yeast, fungal or bacterial infection, fabric softeners and so on. It should be treated as soon as possible else the situation can worsen and become uncomfortable.

Though there are many medicines, creams and ointments available in the market but the genital itching can also be treated by using effective home remedies. Believe it, these home remedies are not only safe and relieve pain but also helps in getting rid of the irritation.

Natural home remedies to heal itching in private parts:

• Cold Compress

This is an effective home remedy that gives relief from itching in the genital area. It brings down the inflammation in a short span of time.

Take 7-8 ice cubes and wrap them in a clean towel. Place the towel at the affected area and hold on as much as you can. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day to feel the difference.

• Salt Water Bath

Another home remedy to cure vaginal infection is using salt and water. Salt helps in controlling the growth of bacteria in private part that causes discomfort.

Add one tablespoon of sea salt in 1 glass of warm water. Rinse the genital area with this solution two-three times daily for best results.

• Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the inflamed area as it contains antioxidants and helps in fighting yeast infection.

Take a fresh aloe vera leaf. Wash, remove the outer skin and extract the gel from it with the help of a spoon. Apply it to the infected area.

• Yogurt

It may sound amazing but unsweetened yogurt also helps in combating the bad bacterial growth and brings down the vaginal itching successfully.

Take required plain yogurt in a bowl. Apply it on the itching vaginal area with the help of a cotton ball to get instant relief from irritation, inflammation, and itching.

• Basil leaves

Popularly called as tulsi plant, leaves of basil are used in many ailments since ancient time. In order to use them in the sensitive area, clean them properly.

Take a handful of basil leaves and boil them in hot water. Let the mixture cool down for around 20 minutes. You can drink it daily or if comfortable, wash the genital part with the prepared solution to cure an infection.

• Coconut oil

Coconut oil that is prepared from coconut flesh has the hydrating property that is beneficial for providing moisture to dry skin of the private parts. It also has some anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that treat yeast genital itching.

Add 4-5 tablespoon of coconut oil to 5-6 cups of water and rinse the affected area. You can also apply coconut oil directly 3-4 times a day for some days to get rid of itching problem.

• Garlic

A part of the onion family, garlic is another remedy that can be used to treat vaginal infection, inflammation, and itching because of its inherent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mix few drops of garlic oil along with vitamin E oil. Massage it on your vagina and rest for 10 minutes to get it soaked by the vagina. Rinse the infected part with warm water and pat dry.

• Honey

The excellent source of antibiotic, honey is used to get rid of uncomfortable itching problem in the sensitive area.

Apply the honey and wait for 20-25 minutes until it gets dry. Wash off the area with warm water. Repeat the process twice daily to overcome infection. You may drink a tablespoon of honey in water before having your breakfast.