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Natural Ways To Get Acne Free Skin…

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Being a bride, you have to seriously pay attention to your looks whether it’s about your hair or skin. From an early stage, you should be concerned that there should no acne breakouts on your big day as acne or pimples won’t only make it difficult for the makeup artist to beautify your skin but will also require more layers of makeups. Having a naturally pretty and clear skin definitely results in better pictures. Now, who doesn’t want that, right?

To all the brides, your skin needs an extra attention, actually, a lot of it. If ignored, it can results in haywire sometimes even causing irreparable damage. Hence to help you out, we are bringing to you natural ways that will ensure that your skin remains 100% acne free at the time of your D-day.

1. Say no to junk food

Eat organic and say no to chocolates and make fruits and veggies you new found BFF. Eat the balanced and right kind of food. Your week diet should strictly be organic home cooked food and not those greasy oily dishes from your wedding. Oily junk food is acne’s first best friend so it is better to avoid them even if you are out for a whole day long for shopping and other important things.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink about 3 liters or 8-10 glass water daily to help your skin detoxify. The more water you have, the better your skin will feel. Water will clean out your skin naturally. Hence, keep yourself hydrated for a healthy and glowing skin.

3. Use Benzoyl peroxide face cleanser

Use a face wash or cleanser which contain Benzoyl in it and a toner with about 2% concentration of salicylic acid. These two acids will kill the bacteria which gives birth to acne. Hit us up if you want to know the brands selling face wash and toners with these ingredients.

4. Use homemade ways to get rid of acne

Lemon, aloe vera, tea tree oil are very few effective ingredients that fight acne problems at its best. Also, a neem and sandalwood pack goes a long way to help you give a healthy clean and clear skin. A single cube of ice would immediately help in reducing the redness and pain.

5. Avoid stressing yourself

We understand the thought of living in your new home is stressful. But, be firm and plan these things well in advance. Last week should only and we mean only to be left for your spas and homemade treatments.

6. Follow a night regime

Seriously, don’t even consider going to bed without lathering on a night mask followed by a night cream. If you are not using at least 2 face masks every night, then darling you are not even close to bridal skin care.