Crystal clear teeth

Natural Home Remedies To Get Crystal Clear White Teeth

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Are you stressed out about your first meeting/date with your would be? Eagerly waiting for the pre-wedding shoot? Going to get hitched but worried about how your photographs will look?

No wonder, it is the most joyous and overwhelming moment in anyone’s life. Though you pay a lot of stress to choose an elegant attire to look stunning, impressive accessories to enhance your look, hairstyle and makeup to make your look more attractive, facial, manicure and pedicure for a more beautiful you; but in all these, you tend to forget that your smile is first thing that will notice more. So, you need to take care of your teeth the most.

Hence, have a look at the article to know the home remedies for a crystal clear, white teeth to steal away everyone’s heart with that gorgeous smile.

• Make it a practice to brush your teeth after eating or drinking. Though it’s a difficult thing to follow regularly once you become habitual, you will be blessed with natural white teeth.

• Drink plenty of plain water to prevent your teeth from getting yellow.

• Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, coffee, tea, and liquids that leave a stain on your teeth (Use straw otherwise).

• Baking soda helps in getting rid of plaque and yellow teeth as it has natural whitening properties. Mix baking soda with lemon juice, and vinegar to scrub your teeth gently for 2 minutes daily for 15 days. Please note the excess of baking soda can snatch natural enamel of your teeth.

• Opt for the fresh orange peel to vanish yellow tinge accumulated on the teeth. Use orange peel powder if orange peel is not available. Rub the orange peel over your teeth for few weeks to get a sparkling white smile.

• Strawberries which are the rich source of vitamin C are beneficial in removing the yellow stain from your teeth. Make a paste from few strawberries and rub gently. Wait for few minutes before rinsing it off from plain water. Be ready to flaunt a natural wide and white smile.

• Lemon is also an effective remedy if you want to make your teeth natural white again. Apply the mixture formed with lemon and salt over your teeth to disappear yellow discolouration.

• Salt that is found in the kitchen is another option which helps in revive teeth’s white colour. Brush your teeth with a paste of salt and charcoal.

• It is said that not only basil leaves have whitening properties, it also helps in treating various dental problems. Dry holy basil leaves in sunlight to get powder. Prepare a paste by mixing basil leaves powder in mustard oil. Clean your teeth to get a dazzling smile.

• Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet to get natural white colour back. Chewing raw and crunchy vegetables and fruits claimed to help whiten teeth.