Home Remedies To Treat Itchy Eyes…

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Have you ever felt the urge to rub your eyes numerous times till your eyes ache? Just like any other body parts, eyes which are known as windows to the soul are prone to itchiness due to changing weather, pollution, allergies, lack of moisture in eyes, use of contact lens, improper eye hygiene and other medical conditions.

Medically termed as ocular pruritus, it is very common and uncomfortable problem which causes burning sensation in the eyes, dry eyes, redness, swelling to eyes, watery eyes, sensitivity to eyes.

Though it may not seem like a serious problem, avoiding these symptoms and leaving your eyes untreated can further damage the health of your eyes.

If you are a soon-to-be bride/groom or family members of respective bride and groom and facing the problem of itchiness in eyes and getting no time to visit the eye specialist because of wedding celebrations and workload as a marriage incorporates many tasks up to last minute. Have a look at the article to know the home remedies/treatments to get relief from itchy eyes.

Effective home remedies to treat itchy eyes:

• Cold compress

To get instant relief from itchy eyes, cold compress is an effective home remedy to opt for as it reduces dryness and inflammation. Splash some cold water in your eyes 4-5 times or you can wrap some ice cubes or frozen packets in a towel to place at the affected area for 10-15 minutes for 2-3 times. Soak a cloth in cold water, remove the extra water and place it on your closed eyes.

• Rosewater

Rose water is a first thing that strikes our head when we face any discomfort related to eyes. It has proved to be reduced redness and dry eyes. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, rosewater helps in strengthening the eyes tissues. Use rosewater as eye drops as it acts as a coolant and provides relief from burning sensation. Alternatively, dab a cotton ball soaked in rosewater for around 15 minutes two times a day.

• Cucumber

Cucumber is known as a significant home remedy to cure inflammation and irritation caused in eyes as it has antioxidants and skin healing properties. Put a cucumber in the refrigerator for half an hour. Cut the slices and keep them on your eyes until they get warm. Repeat the process 2-3 times at least 3 times a day to get relief.

• Cold milk

Amazed by reading cold milk? Surprisingly, milk has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of many bioactive molecules. Cold milk is an effective home remedy to cure itchiness in eyes. Dab a cotton ball in cold milk and put it on your closed eyes as a compress for 10-15 minutes. Do it 2-3 times twice a day, once in the morning and the night.

• Saline water

The combination of salt and water is an effective home treatment to provide instant relief to eyes due to pollutants. Prepare a solution by mixing some salt in water. Rinse your eyes with saline solution as it helps in treating itchy eyes.

• Aloe vera

It is worldwide known that aloe vera is a medicinal plant which is used in treating many ailments. It has soothing properties that cure itchiness. Extract aloe vera juice and refrigerate it. Soak cotton balls and place it on your closed eyes for 10 minutes for a couple of days.

• Essential oils

To heal inflamed and itchy eyes naturally, essentials oils like lavender oil, castor oil, tea tree oil work wonders due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Mix 2-3 drops of any oil along with coconut oil. Massage the mixture gently on your eyes for a minute and wash after 15 minutes. Follow the remedy daily to notice the positive change in your eyes condition.

• Drink enough water

Drink plenty of water if you are experiencing dry eyes because nothing is better than water to rehydrate yourself. Sip water whenever you get time during your wedding celebration as it also improves skin glow.

Though it is also necessary to mention that if you have a severe problem even after using any of the listed remedies, visit a doctor as soon as possible as any negligence can damage your eyes.