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Essential Grooming Tips For Grooms To Look Smart And Confident On Your Wedding Day

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Needless to say, its most crucial day for the groom as well other than Indian bride who goes in a lot for preparation to look best on the wedding day. Groom too want to kill everyone with their awesome looks and personality. We know men don’t like to spend their luxurious time in saloons, today we are sharing some grooming tips for grooms to help them out and look classy and handsome on wedding day. Along with the bride, you are also the one who can steal the gaze of everyone just be taking care of some skincare regime and must follow these grooming tips.

Hydrate your body

It is necessary for your body to drink enough water to flush out the toxins out of your body. Drinking water not only gives inside benefits but hydrates your skin as well to look clean, refreshing and energetic. Make it a habit to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water before your wedding.

Wash your face

Men like women are not that sensitive when it comes to take care of skin. Break this habit right away when you know you are going to start the event which would be organized only for you and your lovely bride. Wash your face at least 2 times a day. One after waking up and other after coming back to home from outside.

Trust home scrubs/ exfoliators

Homemade remedies always work wonder on your skin and far better way than costlier branded products. Step into your kitchen, not to cook meal (hehe) but to take out kitchen ingredients like gram flour (besan) and honey, rose water. Wash your face regularly with a paste of gram flour and honey to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin from dirt and impurities.

Grooming Tips For Man


Beard is a best accessory of a Man if they want to impress any female as carrying beard gives man a matured and attractive look. There are many products available in the market like beard oils, creams which keeps facial hair well groomed as no one will ever going to like your clumsy or uneven beard look.


Your wedding day will come once in your life and you can’t take any risk with the overall look. Give your hair a style which looks good on your face cut. Ask your friends or would be partner which style they like according to your face. Don’t go for haircut a day before the wedding as hair need time to settle naturally. If you desire haircut of your choice do it one or two months before the wedding to make sure if its going to rock.

Have good sleep

Dark circles can be the worst nightmare on the big day of yours. You don’t like them to be a part of your wedding photos along with your life-partner. So, take sound sleep for 8 hours. Don’t accompany your friend for late night parties and don’t spend extra hours at your workplace. This grooming tip will help you by getting rid of dark circles.

• Cut down junk foods from the list

Who says only a bride have to resist herself from avoiding junk foods. You too would have to follow the same rule if you don’t want to show your belly fat to others as this is a part of grooming tips for grooms. Don’t put on weight ahead of your marriage even if you are a bid foodie and try to visit new places to quench your taste buds. Maintain a healthy diet and eat homemade food to look fit and smart.

Scented Smell

Hey grooms! Don’t forget to smell heavenly on your wedding day. Choose a light fragrance as strong fragrance can because of a headache for the guests present there. A soothing fragrance can make surrounding more pleasing. You must smell good whenever you are with your beloved spouse.

Many of you would be thinking that it is a girly thing to do but believe us there is nothing wrong with looking killer with the charming looks and catchy features by grooming tips. You only have to follow this routine right from the day you get to know you are going to get hitched.