Ways to get perfect skin within a week

Effective Ways To Get Perfect Skin Within A Week

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It’s a dream of every girl to have flawless and crystal clear skin. But with unhealthy eating habits and today’s lifestyle girls facing many skin problems including issues like dryness, redness, acne, flakiness etc. As your wedding is approaching and you are turning and tossing in bed panicking about those pimples which can ruin your overall beauty or dry skin that will become of the cause of embarrassment in front of guests. Leave all your stress to us and follow as directed in the article.

So, today we are going to guarantee to solve all your skin related issues within a week. Hence scroll down to read some basic tips to get solved all your skin- related problems.

Balanced diet

What you eat reveal about you and your personality. Dry skin and acne is one such issue which reflects your unhealthy eating habits. So, seek out foods that are high in antioxidants for ultra glowing skin. Add berries, nuts and even dark chocolates as a balanced and healthy diet don’t have to mean restricting yourself and avoiding all your favorite foods.

Face masks

Natural or homemade face masks is one of the recommended ways to achieve glowing and radiant skin in a short time. Choose one that has detoxifying properties and applies it on all over your face. You can also opt for Multani mitti and rosewater blend to get the desired skin glow. It’s surely the easiest skin care regime one can have.

Avoid popping out

It’s enticing to pop zits when you see them, but this is one of the most prominent ways to harm your skin or leave a forever mark on your face. Bursting a zit only serves to spread the oil over your face resulting in more acne or pimples in the affected area. Hence avoid unnecessary touching and bursting out of acne.


Your skin is quite delicate hence needs a moisturizer to nourish it well. So use a good quality moisturizer to avoid skin breakouts. Coconut oil is also good for your skin and works well to provide nourishment to your skin.and you can also opt for almond oil or any other vegetable oil to get glowing skin.


To avoid skin problems, keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water daily. You can also opt for good toner or hydrating moisturizer on your face that promises special care and attention to your skin.


A thorough wash is good for your facial skin. Hence pick a good cleanser according to your skin type. And get the desired result just in a week. It would be good if you rely on homemade cleansing lotions as your wedding is on the cards and you can’t afford to take the risk.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel works wonder to deal with any skin related problem. It is basically known as a nectar from the gods when it comes to a skincare regime. Aloe vera gel can help you to get clean n clear skin and kick off spots and other skin related issues and make your skin feel smooth and soft.